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Frequently Asked Questions

» When are you open?
We are open from April 11 until late October between 16 until late night.
» Can I make a reservation?
Reservations are only available for large groups of people. To secure a table it is advised that you arrive 1-2 hours prior to the sunset time.
» Where can I buy your albums?
Our physical CDs can be found from local stores as well as online from stores like Amazon. Digitally our albums are available on iTunes worldwide.
» Where can I send my CV?
We are looking for summer workers for our bar each May/June. Please follow announcements on our facebook and bar to attend job interviews held in Ibiza. Do not send us your CV by email
» Can I send you demos?
Yes, use demo form to send your demo as download link. We only accept original material that has not been previously featured on other compilatons. Please do not send your demo as an email attachment.