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We are now looking for new unreleased music for our Café del Mar compilations to be released in 2016. Please follow this link for instructions on how to submit your music for us. Good luck!

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Café del Mar Piano Works:

Featuring modern piano pieces in Café del Mar style.

1. Oskar Schuster - Fjarlægur
2. Hans Otte - Das Buch der Klänge Part 10
3. Lambert - Talk!
4. Martin Kohlstedt - EXA
5. Gilded - Tyne
6. Mikael Delta - Snowing In Berlin
7.Bob Holroyd - Layer Upon Layer
8.Luke Howard - Oculus
9. Etherwood - The Last Hour
10. Gene Shanzo - Walter The Wayfarer
11. Bliss - A Chapter In History (Main Theme Piano Version)
12. Tom Day - Solace
13. Antonymes - A Feeling of Being Closer

Available on 30.11.2015
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