Brand Protection

We take the protection of our brand very seriously. As for any global brand protecting the trademark against illicit uses is essential to maintain its value and credibility.

Café del Mar & Café del Mar Music logos are registered trademarks world wide as stylized form and plain text characters. Any uses without written & direct consent of authorization by the parent company Can Ganguil S.L. is prohibited.

We are aware of several cases of 3rd party individuals trying to take an advantage of the trademark without rights. This has involved commercializing the trademark or granting rights for its use without any legal authorization, either by using counterfeit documents and/or domain names.

As of June 1st 2012, / / are to be considered ONLY legal representative domains to authorize the use of the Café del Mar  trademark worldwide. We ask anyone interested in our franchise / event rights to contact us directly through the contact page. We have not authorized any 3rd party company/individual to grant these rights on our behalf anywhere in the world.


It has come to our attention that a Spanish nationality ENRIQUE MONCADA has been falsely claiming to be representing Café del Mar worldwide. Enrique Moncada has never had any kind of role in any of the Café del Mar group of companies and has no authorization whatsoever to act on behalf of Café del Mar. We urge that anyone who has been involved with Mr. Moncada with Café del Mar related matters to urgently contact us ( and our legal team to avoid serious damages and legal proceedings.

Thank you.

Noticia Importante 

Ha llegado a nuestro conocimiento que ENRIQUE MONCADA afirma, falsamente, ser el representante de Café del Mar a nivel mundial. El Sr. Moncada no ha tenido ningún tipo de papel en cualquier empresa del grupo Café del Mar y no tiene autorización alguna para actuar en nombre de Café del Mar. Instamos a cualquier persona que hay querido ponerse en contacto con Café del Mar, y lo haya hecho a través del Sr. Mocada, se ponga en contacto urgentemente con nosotros ( y nuestro equipo legal para evitar daños graves y procedimientos legales.